"One paints with one's eyes and heart" - Chinese saying





Travel Teaching has always been a favorite opportunity to meet new people, and see new places.  If your group is looking for an instructor who loves NATURE, and if you are excited to learn painting technigues in ACRYLIC, WATERCOLOR PENCIL, or OIL PASTEL,

just send an e-mail (click).



Campbell River Art Gallery


Impressions Framing and Art Supply, Campbell River, BC


From time to time, I teach workshops "out of town."

  Jill will be helping each individual in ther area of need, and encouraging the group to interact, and learn in an open and casually friendly manner.  There is much to be discovered, and many friends to be made!


10% discount on class related supplies available at Impressions Custom Framing, Campbell River, BC. 


Write for further infomation on how you can have Jill teach one of  these great classes!