"All art is autobiographical." -anonymous

CAREER -Artists' Vision

For me, the freshness and daily renewal of Nature  is a wonderful source of inspiration,  and unites the hearts of all people.  And for those who might otherwise not have a 'connection' to the landscape,  Art which illustrates Peace and Tranquility in Nature is a comfort to the viewer, in an Age when finding a resting-place is sorely needed.  

My artistic vision is to see the Spiritual Beauty in my surroundings and convey it to my audience, so they in turn might enjoy a sense of wonder that is often undiscovered or overlooked in the hustle and stress of day-to-day living.

Scenic and Still Life settings needn’t be ‘perfect’ to have appeal, for blemishes can tell a story.  And yet, the picture must have a representation of Goodness and even Redemption to lift the soul.  For  instance, I believe “goodness” can be found in a hard working farm; or  in the drip of a worn-down candle.  These things are natural and true.   And the beauty of "redemption" comes in the cycles of the seasons: the refreshing yellow-green of new growth on an old maple tree; and the 'first' snow-laden branches of Autumn, which promises rest for a time.  It’s these things which catch my attention and tell a story that parallels the Hope available to all mankind.  My work is to present each painting as spiritual food for thought,  expressed through color, light and texture.