..............WELCOME TO MY STUDIO...............

Summer 2019


Inspired by Nature, Jill grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has painted off and on for over 50 years.  She currently devotes serious studio time to her art, both in painting and Art Instruction, and can be seen in a number of showings throughout the year.


"Where life can be stressful, Art can sooth the spirit, and bless the veiwer." 


Find out more about me, my career, and my artistic accomplishments.



Here you can see a portion of my works.  I'll be changing and updating as often as posible, so if you have any questions, please contact me.


My Artwork is a compliment to home and office decors.  If you see a piece that inspires you to own it, or if you would like me to paint *your* visions into reality, let's talk!


See my work here.